Interview Tips

Interview Tips for Insurance Jobs

Plan Ahead

  • Plan route (allow time for traffic, etc.)
  • Consult your recruiter about proper attire
  • Have resume, references and any documentation ready

Research the Company

  • Check company website
  • Ask your recruiter about the company
  • Use search engines to find news articles and press releases about the company


  • Consult your recruiter about what information was shared regarding compensation and motivation for leaving
  • Your recruiter will advise you on the company’s interview style and process
  • Plan responses about past achievements and goals

First Impressions

  • Appropriate, professional attire
  • Smile when greeted; use a firm handshake
  • Positive eye contact shows confidence


  • Proactively listen to each  question
  • When clarifying ask open ended questions
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer


  • Speak clearly, avoid using slang or or acronyms
  • Refer to your research in your questions
  • Give brief, concise and complete answers

Follow up

  • Thank the interviewer for their time
  • Contact your recruiter to discuss your impressions; they can provide important feedback for you as well
  • Send a thank you note with additional information, if appropriate.
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