Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Your company placed me in my current position, is it still appropriate for me to contact you if I decide to leave?

Answer: Absolutely. Any business dealings we have with you are very confidential. We will not directly approach you for another position, but if you contact us we will gladly work with you again.

Question: I’m very concerned that my current employer will find out about my job search. How can I minimize the risk of this happening?

Answer: Don’t post your resume online! Even job boards that allow you to exclude certain employers from searching your resume still allow access to related companies/agencies. Don’t apply to blind postings. Discuss your concern with your recruiter for more tips on how to maintain confidentiality.

Question: I have a gap in my employment or an employment experience that I’d rather not include on my resume. How should I approach this?

Answer: It is better to show a gap in employment than to misrepresent the information. Bad employment experiences are explainable. Consult with your recruiter on your specific situation.

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