Trends That Will Affect Insurance Job Staffing in 2013

There are some unique environmental trends at play that will affect insurance job staffing in 2013.  This year will be shaped by a challenging insurance employment market. The market is shifting away from a buyer’s market. As a result there are two key issues that need to be explored as hiring managers and companies think about their insurance staffing needs for 2013.

A reality check of hiring expectations

Despite continued high unemployment, many companies in 2012 struggled to find qualified insurance professional applicants for their openings. While this is a result in some part of real shifts in required job skills, it is also a reflection of the more detailed and demanding selection criteria that has developed in the current “buyer’s” employment market. Businesses will need to confront this environment as the new normal and respond accordingly.

During the recession it was possible to demand exactly the experience and background you were seeking as an employer, and to be able to find a qualified candidate with reasonable salary expectations. Currently, most companies will need to relax their stringent selection criteria and focus on bright people with great attitudes that can learn the skills that they do not already possess.

Growing awareness of the importance of the candidate experience

As businesses contend with the continued lack of qualified insurance candidates (perceived or real), it will trigger more intense competition for select insurance professionals. As a result, companies will focus more on wooing talent, in part by delivering a distinctive and appealing candidate experience during the recruiting process.

A great candidate experience requires timely communication, feedback, and a display of courtesy with regard to scheduling and interview techniques. This is very important for employers to realize, especially in a tight market. Even if the employer does not ultimately extend an insurance job offer to the candidate – a particularly bad candidate experience will be shared with other potential candidates that are known to that individual. It is a small industry – it is important to take some small measures to maintain a positive employment reputation.

President of Allison Personnel Service, Tricia Millstead is licensed in property & casualty, life & health, and surplus lines. In addition to attaining her CIC and ARM designations, she also holds a BBA with concentrations in marketing and finance and graduate studies in organizational psychology.