Building a Bench for the Insurance Industry!

Recognizing early on the looming staffing crisis for independent insurance agencies, The Michigan Association of Insurance Agent’s established the MI Future Foundation. For the past 15+ years, MI Future has been working to bring prospective employees and independent insurance agencies together, through a focus on public relations and education.

MI Future is doing a great job of attracting young talent to our industry. We recently attended the Insuring MI Future Summit, and were impressed with the progress that has been made by this group. 

Through no small effort, they have managed to coordinate a program where students in area high schools can earn credit toward graduation for insurance related courses.  These courses also qualify for college credit within the state of Michigan.  Currently, there are active high school programs in Genesee and Ingham Counties that provide excellent models for duplication. The curriculum for this program has been approved by the state, allowing it to be offered in any county in the state.

Even this small amount of insurance knowledge makes these young people desirable as new hires for independent insurance agencies.  Please spread the word if you have any connections within the educational community.  We have many young people graduating college with general degrees, big debt, and no suitable employment.  A high school providing this program will give students a leg up on a real job upon graduation, even before completing their degree.  The insurance industry continues to provide a stable, lucrative, and diverse array of career opportunities. 

Please spread the word if you have any connections within the educational community.  This is a great opportunity for young people in every area of the state. 

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