2013 Insurance Staffing Mid-Year Review

Where are all the insurance job candidates?

Many agencies and carriers struggled to find qualified insurance professionals for their open positions in 2012, and we are seeing that trend continue with insurance staffing in 2013.

  • Our industry has a large percentage of baby boomers looking forward to retirement, or scaling back and working part time or contract positions.  They are not looking for a career growth opportunity.


  • The few remaining insurance recruitment/training programs were scaled back significantly during the recession, and millennials are going to college longer and pursuing advanced degrees.  Often this prices them out of an entry level position within the industry.


  • The fear factor.  Even though we have seen a significant recovery in insurance jobs, the recession is still fresh in the minds of insurance professionals.  Stability and seniority are important to many of the insurance job candidates we speak with, and they are more reluctant to take a chance on a new opportunity as a result.